Students of collette zimmer dressage

Thank you Collette Zimmer for the awesome clinic! I read recently an article that stated “A good instructor can break down the physiology of movement. The best instructors can direct you to find feels for yourself. detailed explanations and clarity of purpose can make the learning curve much easier and even quicker for us average riders. “ this is the best description of her coaching.
— Michelle Parkinson
I just have to say thank you for everything you did... You once again went above and beyond, ensuring that both [my horse] and I had a positive experience. The ribbons were the icing on the cake, but honestly the experience was amazing, thank you!
— Jacqueline Martin

coaching at shows...

Collette’s acute observations have begun lifting the veil of many years.
— Amanda French

lunge lessons...


Working students

Students learn an independent seat, quiet hands and well rounded horsemanship.  Interested students can also learn video/photography skills and marketing sales horses.

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