located in wellborn, Fl at Valhalla Farm.  currently accepting new students and horses in training. Collette specializes in bringing along young horses, retraining horses from other disciplines and correcting behavior problems under saddle. she also enjoys preparing and marketing sale horses and has been very successful in matching horses and riders.


Lessons focus on the correct seat and position of the rider, and the influence it has on the horse along with the timing of the aids.  My students learn how to ask the horse to use it's back, as well as learn correct basics and properly executed movements.  Students are encouraged to study, read, and watch dressage videos as part of their "homework," and come with lots of questions!  

I am a proponent of using the lunge line to work on seat and balance. My students LOVE their lunge lessons!  When the instructor has control of the horse, students can relax and find their balance and work to isolate various body parts that may be impeding with good position. Lunge lessons are great for more advanced riders as well, since they can focus on their core, and can learn to communicate with the horse through their seat. 


$50 for a private lesson at my barn on your horse

$65 for a private lesson at my barn on my schoolmaster

$65 for a private lesson at your barn

Lesson packages available - buy 5 lessons and get the 6th free!

Yoga on horseback currently being offered to small groups.  Contact me for rates.


Full or part time training is available at my place.  Training rides are also available at my place or yours.

Selling your horse?

In order to sell your horse as quickly as possible for the right amount, it is also mandatory to professionally advertise, answer questions in a timely manner, and show your horse to clients.  Getting quality photos and videos of your horse is necessary in order to get your horse seen by the right buyers.  Taking your horse to a few shows may help increase the perceived value of your horse as well.  I can manage all aspects of the sale in order for it to be as stress free for you as possible.  


I am also available to travel to teach clinics!  Contact me today if you are interested in setting up a clinic at your farm!