Anger and setting boundaries

I am allergic to bees - not so much bees, but hornets. ! I found this out the hard way about 2 years ago when I got attacked by ground hornets and went into anaphylactic shock. Thank GOD someone left an epi pen at the barn, and someone was there to help me or I would have died.

I got stung again the other day, thankfully not attacked, just one sting on my thigh. What I have learned is this:

Hornets are angry little buggers! They hit you very quickly with an energy that says “F-YOU!” They are very territorial and will attack you without feeling sorry for you or wondering why you went near them. When they sting you it is very painful and the pain lasts for days. After it happens, you remember exactly where you were when you got stung, and you won’t be inclined to go there again. They have very clear boundaries. After they attack you, they go about their day as if nothing ever happened.

This is pretty much the exact opposite of the energy I put into the world, which is probably why I have such a strong reaction when I encounter it. When someone crosses my boundaries, instead of getting angry I doubt myself and tell myself that I shouldn’t be feeling that way. Inevitably the anger builds up and festers. I end up carrying it around and therefore it affects my entire existence in the world. I realize that a healthier way to handle anger is to express it and let it go. Which is perhaps why I got stung about a week after the first time I ever told someone to “Go F—- yourself!” Those little hornets were trying to teach me something about anger.

So when I got stung, instead of panicking I actually closed my eyes and meditated - incorporating all that anger into my whole being and I had much less of a reaction to it than I would have otherwise. When I did this, the pain lessened. And what I have learned since is that the people that love you will still love you when you express that you are angry with them. The people that walk away are the people that never loved you in the first place, so they don’t matter anyway. And in fact, I have such genuine people in my life that they appreciate knowing what my boundaries are, and how I am feeling, which makes me feel really blessed.