About Collette

Collette has more than 20 years experience riding and training horses with emphasis in classical dressage.  She has studied under USDF bronze, silver, and gold medalists Erin Brinkman, Iris Eppinger, Jodie Kelly, and Megan McIsaac.  She has received personal coaching from Herwig Radnetter (head trainer of the Spanish riding school), Olympian Christine Traurig, and O-judge Axel Steiner.  Her skill and passion is to bring horses and riders along with an emphasis on correct basics.

At age 30, she left a dead-end office job to pursue horses full time.  In a few short years by working hard and riding every horse she had the chance to, she quickly worked her way up from a working student, to assistant trainer with her own string of horses, to running a private stable where she was soley in charge of the care and training of the owners horses.  She is now at Valhalla Farm in Wellborn, Fl.  Horses are fed 4 times a day and are turned out with access to grass daily with a buddy where possible.  The horses's health, soundness, comfort, and happiness comes first at CZ Dressage.  The facility also has a lighted, covered dressage arena with arena, outdoor dressage arena with mirrors, jump pen, round pen and miles of trails.  Students can come and stay in housing provided or hook up their trailer.

She has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of horses over the years, from green to FEI, and has much experience working with stallions; all of which have taught her valuable lessons.  She is particularly skilled at bringing along young horses, and working with "tricky" horses.  She also enjoys showing and preparing horses for the show ring.  Her experience working with professional equine photographer, Shannon Brinkman; along with her knowledge of web design, marketing and social media give Collette a strong ability to market and promote sale horses!  

She is passionate about dressage, as she feels it makes the horse more beautiful and develops the horse as a true athlete.  She believes that basic dressage work improves every horse, and transcends all disciplines.  She firmly believes that a stable, balanced seat and correct use of the aids allows the rider to be successful in any discipline.  She has the ability to break down lessons into small steps that build on each other, and communicate effectively.  She loves working with students of all levels on the lunge line, and believes it is the best way for students to learn how to communicate with the horse through their seat, thus allowing for quieter leg and rein aids.

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Training and Education

  • USDF Bronze medalist

  • Bachelors degree in business

  • Assistant trainer to USDF Gold medalist Iris Eppinger

  • Working Student under USDF gold medalist Megan McIsaac

  • Working student at Valhalla farm under USDF gold medalists Erin Brinkman, Jean Brinkman, and Iris Eppinger

  • Assistant trainer to USDF gold medalist Jodie Kelly

  • Assistant trainer to USDF silver medalist Kathy Daly

  • Assistant trainer to USDF silver medalist, Briana Atwell

  • Assistant trainer to eventer Andrew Palmer